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The time for my services may be when:

  • The bills are getting paid late or are delinquent, even though there is adequate money available;
  • There are unexplained credit card charges;
  • Cash is being taken from an acco​unt but the reason is forgotten;
  • There is not a spending and saving plan in place;
  • There’s just not enough time to do what needs to be done.

Why my services:

  • You want a confidential and independent professional to help with money management and organization;
  • Your spouse, partner, friend or parents need supportive financial supervision and oversight;
  • Your mom or dad (or both) require some help, and you want peace of mind knowing thing are being taken care of;
  • You are in a crisis and need help with day-to-day management;
  • There is need to gather, sort, and organize materials for taxes, and minimize the stress often associated with that tax filing.

Get My Ducks In A Row is a professional service, individualized to your particular situation. Call for an appointment and I will review your needs and goals. I will then give you my professional assessment, free of charge, with no further obligation to you. My services are available in the greater Los Angeles and Ventura areas.

Appointments are two hours. My rate is $350/appointment.  ​

Call me at: 818-999-9963

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