DIANE  SUSSMAN - Get My Ducks In A Row
 Financial Organization
& Money Management
Get My Ducks In A Row

Assist and Educate
During Life Changes
In Times of Crisis
For Maintaining Independence

I assist and educate my clients with respect to their financial organization and
money management. The goal is for the client to be able to remain fiscally fit and independent.  My services help provide support and oversight during life changes,
in times of crisis and for maintaining their independence.  I see the big picture
and create the steps needed to ensure a workable system.  

I provide personalized assistance to individuals who may be having difficulty
managing their everyday financial tasks.  My services can be short term or ongoing.
How well do you know your parents' finances?
Do you know their wishes? 
Where do they keep their financial records?
What are their monthly expenses / income – what account(s)?
      Investment accounts /credit cards /debit/auto pays /etc.
How can you pay their bills if necessary? Have they shared codes or put you on their accounts?

Sometime the hardest person(s) to work with are the ones that we are related to. 
I can help bridge this gap. I understand that one solution does not fit every situation.
I take the time to listen and learn about each client's needs and preferences.
This enables me to tailor a program that maximizes the client's comfort level.
Services include:
  • Prepare an overview of the current status of income and expenses;
  • Simplify and organize finances;  
  • Work with individuals at their comfort level;       
  • Budget development or re-evaluation;  
  • Manage paper and mail;
  • Help organize bill paying, including closing out obsolete
       memberships and obligations;       
  • Review and reconcile bank and credit card statements;      
  • Oversee and monitor all insurance;     
  • Set-up access limitations to funds at your specific direction; and
  • Help gather, sort and organize materials for tax filing.
 Free Needs Assessment
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